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Clarion Alley
Playa del Sauble
Santa Fe
Mt Rinjani

Joshua Jacobson says:

Thank You!

I just want to thank all the people, places, and cultures that have made this show possible. All the members of the VP Crew have helped enormously to make this happen. In this show particularly, I would like to thank Rachel, Bud, Sarto, Hanna, Lis, JewC, Judah, Elena & Tommy, La Leone, Elliot, Mike & Bob, Dr. Fakeobsons, Jules, Pooh, Marc, and the tourism commisions of Indonesia, Canada, Mexico, and India.

Thanks to Courtney and Doug for giving me my first masks in Oaxaca that started the whole thing.

Also, many thanks to Miguel and Victor of the Papalote "Gallery" & Mexican Grille for allowing their beautiful walls to be violated by these photographs.

A special thanks to Rachel for helping me arrange and hang the photos -- and thanks for adjusting those lights so perfectly!

Thanks to El Carmen in Los Angeles for inspiring me to call this site

And finally, thank you to the mask designers for the Mexican wrestling associations. These masks are the coolest.

Until the next show!

- Joshua Jacobson 2/2002


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